Pear-fectly delicious cider from Somersby

I remember my first taste of cider. I was in my teens, on a course with about 100 kids, most of whom were older than me. They bought the cider: I don’t remember now what brand it was, but I do remember drinking an inadvisable amount of it, and going off the flavour of cheap cider for years!

Luckily, both cider production, and my own ability to monitor what I drink, has improved dramatically over the years, and I’m now quite partial to a good cider – but it has to be good! I particularly enjoy pear cider, and the latest one, from Somersby’s, is really rather lovely.

Somersby Pear is a fresh and crisp cider made from delicious pear juice. The long-awaited flavour has been in high demand, and joins Somersby’s Apple and Blackberry Ciders.

To celebrate the launch of Somersby Pear the brand partnered with well-known Kiwi artist Hayley King, better known as Flox, to create an original artwork inspired by the cider. Flox comments, “I really enjoy the refreshing, summery taste of Somersby Pear, perfectly suited to a Kiwi summer’s day, so I set out to create an artwork which inspired that same feeling of freedom and relaxation that summer brings. I used pear as a starting point, featuring the fruit and its pips, and surrounded it with flowers that reflect summer and our great little NZ antipodes…frangipani and hibiscus. I also used the native Yellow Admiral butterfly, which is known to feed on seasonal fruits in New Zealand.”

Flox created the original artwork live over the course of Auckland’s Laneway Festival and a limited number of prints have been created. Somersby Senior Brand Manager Laura Youngman says, “There’s been huge demands to create a Pear Cider, so we are really excited to be able to offer Somersby fans this much-anticipated new variant, and it has been great working with Flox to bring the new flavour to life. Somersby Pear is the perfect drink for cider lovers who want to hold on to the amazing feeling of summer.”

Somersby Pear is a premium European cider with a light, crisp, fruity taste and is a refreshing addition to the Somersby range, which includes Somersby Apple and Somersby Blackberry. Somersby Cider with Pear is an easy drinking cider with pear juice, which provides a uniquely juicy pear taste. The 12-pack of 330ml bottles retails for $24.99, and is available at local supermarkets and all good bottle stores.

Best served over ice for a throwback to maximum summer happiness – just close your eyes and enjoy!