Mac’s Sweet Disposition: Win a limited edition print


Hot on the heels of the success of honey mead Love Buzz, Mac’s has launched a new interesting brew and it’s worth seeking out. Mac’s Sweet Disposition chocolate stout (ABV 6.2%) has been created alongside the artisan chocolatiers at the acclaimed Wellington Chocolate Factory.

To celebrate this gorgeous brew while it’s still available, I’m giving away a beautiful limited edition signed A2 art poster, inspired by Gina Kiel’s design for the bottle. For more information, watch out for the rules of entry on my Facebook page from Friday 1st September 2017.




A smooth stout base is combined with ethically sourced organic cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic and single-origin Peruvian Criollo bean chocolate along with organic Peruvian cacao nibs and husks, creating a bittersweet yet surprisingly refreshing brew that’s true to the Wellington Chocolate Factory style of chocolate.

Pouring a jet black colour with a creamy head of foam, this complex beer has roasted and caramelised flavours from specialty malts along with a natural bitterness from the top quality cacao. The aftertaste left behind is amazingly similar to finishing off some rich high-quality dark chocolate.

Kurt Gross, brewer and Lion Beer Ambassador says: “This is not ‘confectionary’ chocolate so don’t be expecting a chocolate bar in a bottle – this is stone ground, rich, bittersweet (70% cacao) hand packed and the highest quality – nothing but the best for our fans!  The Wellington Chocolate Factory are recognised as true craft chocolate artisans and Mac’s is proud to partner with them on this sensational brew, which has to be tasted to be be fully understood.”

Gabe Davidson from Wellington Chocolate Factory continues: “We love beer and we love chocolate so working on this official colab with the Mac’s team has been a labour of love.  At WCF we are makers of organic, ethically traded, ‘bean to bar’ chocolate. We source the best single-origin cacao beans, then carefully hand sort, roast, crack, winnow and stone grind this superfood before crafting it into chocolate. The beans we use are grown mostly in South America and from our neighbours in the Pacific, and make a beautiful addition to this Mac’s stout. The eye catching label reads ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ which sums it up perfectly in my opinion.”

Mac’s is passionate about experimenting with infinite flavour possibilities in craft beer and this terrific chocolate stout is the perfect drop for these cooler months.

Mac’s Sweet Disposition will be available from July 10th in four packs for four months only, RRP $14.99. It will also be released on tap in Mac’s Brew Bars for the same limited release period.