Get well FED in New Zealand: new healthy ready-to-eat meals

New Zealand is a small country, and like most industries, the food writing world is pretty small – most of us know each other somehow! One of the bonuses of us knowing each other is the knowledge that when someone you have a lot of professional respect for comes up with a new product, you can be pretty sure it’s going to be well-researched, organised properly and taste yum!

Such is the case when I discovered FED, a food company created by professionals, that takes away the hassle of cooking, while keeping the important stuff – the nutrition that we need to keep ourselves on the go.

FED, which is modelled on similar businesses in North America and the UK, will deliver fully prepared meals – with recipes designed by chef and mum of two Beckie Pilley – to customers’ homes.

The weekly food service allows customers to mix and match their meals from a seasonal menu of fifteen dishes for adults, four sides and four kids’ meals. The fully prepared meals will be available on a subscription service for two to five nights per week, delivered twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. There will be four seasonal menus per year with regular specials and change outs.

An on the go option is also available for customers looking for a more on demand service. Orders will be taken on an easy to navigate mobile optimised site and delivered on a Monday or Thursdays. Orders can be made up to 48 hours in advance.

FED. Co-Founder and Director Becky Erwood said “As a busy working mum I’ve long been frustrated at the lack of good convenience meal options. Our research has shown that Kiwis are crying out for meal solutions that give us less time in the kitchen and more time with our family.”

Becky says FED has been created to give Kiwis a brand-new way of putting good food on the table, without the stress of meal time prep.

“Imagine coming home to a freshly prepared meal that you haven’t had to cook? FED has been designed to take away the daily grind of food preparation without having to resort to dialling a take-away.”

Co-Founder and FED. Chef Beckie Pilley has designed a launch menu of nutritious and comforting dishes including Island Style Pork Belly and Beef and Pumpkin Rendang.

“FED meals are all made using high-quality ingredients, high welfare meat and fish and premium produce that is locally sourced wherever possible” says Pilley. “Our customers can rest assured that our meals are prepared using the same processes that a good cook would use at home so all our food looks and tastes homemade.

“Home cooking is such a pleasure for a professional chef, and to be able to share this passion with New Zealand families for their everyday meals is a real privilege.

“A selection of meals will be freezable reducing waste and giving customers the option to store meals away for busy days.”

In a first for a food delivery business the new ‘Yum Squad’ range is designed to meet the needs of busy parents and fussy kids who don’t yet share the same tastes as their parents.

With dishes including Teriyaki chicken and crumbed chicken fingers on cheesy risotto, the ready prepared foods are designed for parents needing healthy home cooked meals in minutes for their biggest food critics.

With plant based and gluten free options also on the menu, Pilley says there’s something to cater to all dietary requirements.

Meals all come ready to heat and eat meaning no shopping, chopping or mopping for customers. They are also packaged in fully compostable packaging. Prices start from $96 for a subscription of six large individual meals through to $216 for twelve extra-large individual portions.