It’s 1839, honey! A taste of something special

New Zealand may be a young country, but it has a fascinating history, much of which has significant bearing on the food we enjoy today. Take Mary Bumby, for example.

In 1839, Mary took a chance. Instead of packing hats and a dainty tea set for her voyage to New Zealand, she brought two beehives. Because of her drive to do things differently we now have Mānuka Honey, one of the world’s most celebrated honeys and borne of that adventurous spirit of innovation is, 1839 – products from the hive.

We believe in curiosity and giving new ideas and techniques a go. We respect tradition, but we’re here to shake the Mānuka bush too because when you do amazing things can happen. That’s why we were the first to:

  • Triple churn Mānuka honey, giving it our signature silky smoothness.
  • Introduce trust codes so you know you’re holding the genuine article.
  • Launch the 1839 pouch, a first of its kind for packaging New Zealand honey, meaning you can enjoy every last drop!

While the process to make 1839 products is a safely-guarded secret, we can assure you that our honey is 100% natural, with nothing added and smooth as silk. Our proprietary production method ensures:

  • Our unique texture and taste
  • 100% natural process
  • Nothing added
  • Protects quality
  • Keeps honey fresh
  • Melts in warm water easily

1839 honey pouch is a NZ first for packaging honey, meaning you can enjoy every last drop without having to try and scoop out the last bits with a spoon! It’s really pretty too – do you know anyone who might love this as a Christmas present?

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The following range of 1839 products are available exclusively at New World, Pak’nSave and selected Four Squares*.

Mānuka Honey MGO 30+ With Ginger                  250g                 RRP $7.99

Mānuka Honey MGO 30+ With Lemon                  250g                 RRP $7.99

Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 30+                                        250g                 RRP $7.99

UMF Mānuka Honey 10+                                               250g                 RRP $22.99

Pouch – Multi Floral Honey MGO 48+                                   400g                  RRP $14.99

Pouch – UMF Mānuka Honey 5+                                   400g                 RRP $22.99